Stop reacting to life.

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My new mission in life. As life continues to get busier post lockdown I'm aware of how much I'm starting to live in a reactionary way once again. I don't like it and I don't want it. People ask more from me than I do of others, by a long way. Some of this is domestic mental labour. Some is overcommiting to work that doesn't serve me. Some is saying yes to things I should have said no to. What happens is my to do list gets longer and I react by doing the most pressing task or responding to who is shouting loudest. Sound familiar? So, here I am, trying to act with more intention in my life. I'm starting with some 'nos' and a few 'you can do that yourself and if you can't, Google it'. And I'm putting things that I WANT to do at the top of my list, beit work or home tasks, and I'm starting there. Less firefighting.
So, before you ask, no. Here is my boundary and for now the gate is locked, padlocked in fact.
This is what self care looks like to a midlife woman. A midlife woman too conditioned to people pleasing and never taught to value her worth.
Bring on the revolution as we unshackle ourselves from patriarchal narratives that have kept us small.